not even sex

i have never wanted anything in my life as much as a Nitro+CHIRAL Clear plush ;A;

can i have this one good thing happen to me in my life please? and i’m even paying for it!





It’s Fashion Week. You know what that means. We are this close to new Aila Wang making grown people look severely not stylish photos.

this is so chic omg

this girl shitted on my whole life and shes like 4


Megamasso’s in-store event at Tower Records Shinjuku store on July 26th, 2014.


DIV’s in-store event at HMV Omiya Arche store on July 26th, 2014.


UNiTE. announced the joining of a new drummer and the release of a double A-side 6th new single「レヴ/ice」

UNiTE. has several new announcements today. Firstly, UNiTE. announced that they have gained a new drummer 莎奈 (さな). Their official homepage has been updated with a new artist photo featuring the silhouette of the 5 members.

The new drummer 莎奈 (さな) will officially join UNiTE. on their oneman live「UNiTE. ONEMAN LIVE -U&U’s あの日見た、奇跡の先に- 渋谷公会堂」to be held at Shibuya Public Hall on Aug. 16th, 2014.

To welcome the new member, UNiTE. will also release a re-recorded version of their representative song「Eniver」which limited CD will be sold exclusively at the live venue. 

UNiTE. Limited Single
¥1,000  (tax included) / DCUN-05
01. Eniver -updated ver.S-
02. Eniver -updated ver.S- (off vo.)

And finally, their 6th new single「レヴ/ice」will be released on September 17th, 2014.

New single「レヴ/ice」
First Press Limited Edition type M (CD 3 Songs + DVD)
¥1,900 + tax / DCCL-158 ~ 159
01. レヴ
02. ice
03. レヴ (off vo.)
01. レヴ MV
02. レヴ MV Making

First Press Limited Edition type L (CD 3 Songs + DVD)
¥1,900 + tax / DCCL-160 ~ 161
01. ice
02. レヴ
03. ice (off vo.)
01. ice MV
02. ice MV Making

First Press Limited Production Version (CD 2 Songs)
¥926 + tax / DCCL-162 
01. レヴ
02. ice

Regular Edition (CD 4 Songs)
¥1,500 + tax / DCCL-163 
01. レヴ
02. ice
03. 君は知らない
04. 君は知らない (off vo.)

if if weren't too much trouble, could you turn the first few lines of this song: /watch?v=Iui_MX34nnY into a town theme? if possible, thanks~


DRAMAtical Murder Animal Crossing Outfits!

by mirion@修練中


“Please don’t start your day with broken pieces of yesterday”